Selected Addresses, Panels, and Public Service
11 Toolbox, Ontario College of Art and Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada – Panel Moderator

10 Art Toronto, Ontario, Canada – "T for Three" conversation on drawing led by Robert Enright

08-now Member, Committee for Art, Culture and Public Places, City of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

05-now Member, Board of Governors: Academic Council Member, representing the Board of Governors, member various senior staff selection committees, Ontario College of Art & Design, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

 05 Ontario College of Art & Design, Big Talk: Community and Conversations in Art and Design Education, Toronto, Canada - panelist

03-05 Friends of the College of Arts Fundraising Committee, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

02 External member, OCAD College Transition Committee, Toronto, Ontario

00 CKOY Radio, Kelowna, Ontario, Canada – Interview with Ihor Holubizky

99-02 Appointed member of the Board of Directors of C, the visual arts foundation, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

98 CBC Radio One – Interview with Mary Wiens

97 Convocation Address, College of Arts, University of Guelph, Ontario, Canada

96 Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Visiting Speaker

  Art Gallery of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada – Public school workshops

  Radio MacMaster, Hamilton Ontario, Canada – Radio Interview

  "The Cultural Work of Public Art" - Centre for Cultural Studies University of Guelph, colloquium entitled "The Politics of Representation" - Roundtable discussion with Alan Filewod who spoke on "Monument to Construction Workers"

94 TVO – Interview for TVO Workweek

  "Public Art at a Crossroad: A Forum", arranged and sponsored by The Power Plant, at The Rivoli, Toronto, Canada - Roundtable discussion with Michael Snow, Glen Lowry, Bruce Kuwabara and Jane Purdue

  Difficult Spaces/An Urban Tour, Toronto’s public sites of art intervention, (Art Gallery of Ontario programme in conjunction with Dan Graham’s Public/Private exhibition) – lecture/walking tour with Stacey Spiegel

90 "Workshop and Charrette on Ten Open Spaces in Downtown Montreal", Module gestion du developpement, Service de l'habitation et du developpement urbain, Ville de Montreal – Invited Participant

88-06 Appointed member of the board of the Gershon Iskowitz Foundation

88 CBC Radio – Talk on Picasso

87 Advisory Panelist, Ontario Arts Council

86 Panelist "In a Different Voice", Universities Art Association conference, Victoria, B.C., Canada

81 Panelist for "Women in the Toronto Art Community", an Art Gallery of Ontario discussion group Toronto, Ontario, Canada

70 BBC Radio, Bristol, England – Interview









Selected Juries
04 Juror, international competition for City of Toronto Public Art Programme, Toronto, Ontario

00 Juror for "Forum", international art competition, work on paper, Pekao Gallery, Toronto, Ontario

95 Juror, Metro Hall, City of Toronto Public Art Competition, Toronto, Ontario

94 Juror, 33rd Annual Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition, Toronto Ontario

  Juror, "Ballenford Drawing Prize" for 5th Year Thesis, School of Architecture, University of Toronto, Ontario

  Juror and committee member, Victory/Peace 1945 - 1995, World War II 50th Anniversary Memorial, Toronto, Ontario

93 Juror, Simcoe Memorial Sculpture Competition, phases 1 and 2, Toronto, Ontario

  Juror, Ontario College of Art Graduating Awards and Scholarships, Toronto, Ontario

92-03 Juror, annual $25,000.00 Gershon Iskowitz Award, Toronto, Ontario

92 Juror, Ontario Arts Council Grants, Toronto, Ontario

87 Juror, City of Toronto "Chinese Railroad Workers Commemorative Sculpture Project", Toronto, Ontario

85 Juror, Open Studio, Toronto, Ontario, Canada