Selected Articles


E.C. Woodley in Border Crossings, "Lost Perfection: Drawing and Dreaming in the Art of Margaret Priest", Feature Article

09 Peter Bowyer in Hunter & Cook 02, "Tubular Ghosts", Journal
06 Ihor Holubizky in Radical Regionalism: Local Knowledge and Making Places catalogue
00 Lee Rodney about "Made Space" in Atopia Journal
98 Ihor Holubizky in Architecture Parallax: Snacklunch
96 Ihor Holubizky, George Baird, Linda Norden and David Moos in To View from Here catalogue
96 Gerta Moray in C Magazine
95 Robert Fulford in Toronto Life
87 Marc Baraness in Margaret Priest: What Makes a Room a Room
74 Rozsika Parker in Framing Feminism